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The next funding round for applicants will start again on 15th May 2021.

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    Implement your partnership project

What we do

The funding programme Hospital Partnerships – Partners Strengthen Health was established by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation as an important contribution for global health in the context of international collaboration. Since its start in 2016, the initiative has supported actors from medical and healthcare institutions in Germany in assisting their partners in low- and middle-income countries to build-up and implement health services. The focus of these programmes is on education and training. All medical areas and specialisations are represented. Twice per year, the programme publishes an award in the amount of 50.000 euros. Subsequent funding is also available.

Our partners are all experts: hospital managers, doctors, health scientists, midwives, nurses, public health specialists, microbiologists, laboratory technicians as well as medical technicians and administrators among others. They work together with their partners at eye-level and across national boundaries. Through this approach, health services can be improved in a targeted manner on the ground.

Our initiative


Our objective

For everyone to be able to access the medical care they actually need. Our contribution consists in promoting our partners and providing them with professional support.

Our approach

We aim to promote peer-to-peer partnerships for better health care as envisaged in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In future, this holistic approach is designed to help ensure universal health coverage worldwide, regardless of age or location.

Dr. Carolin Kröner

We do love to support small organisations: Take the chance and apply now!

Dr. Carolin Kröner, Member of Board of Else Kröner-Fresenius-Foundation
Child Nurse at the Charité Berlin: Mrs. Kranz. Copyright: ©GIZ/Steph Ketelhut

We have learned a lot in Eritrea - for example how you can make the best of a situation in a hospital for mother-and-child-care.

Mrs. Gesche Kranz, pediatric nurse at University Hospital Charité Berlin/Germany
Dr. Vanessa Kandoole-Kabwere is physician in the malawian city Blantyre. Copyright: ©GIZ/Nyokabi Kahura

The point-of-care-ultrasound-training with my german colleague gives me the opportunity to make a quick and safe diagnosis.

Dr. Vanessa Kandoole-Kabwere , lecturer assistant at Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Malawi
Is working currently in Cameroon: Surgeon Dr. Christian Doll. Copyright: ©GIZ/Steph Ketelhut

"With our hospital partners in Cameroon we have established new studies at University."

Dr. Christian Doll, surgeon in Mbouo/Cameroon
Focusing on the lung: Christoph Lange from Borstel in Nortehrn Germany.. Copyright: ©GIZ/Steph Ketelhut

I am thrilled to see how engaged my young colleagues from the Republic of Moldovia are in order to develop their own health system for the future.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christoph Lange, Medical Director at Research Center Borstel and Leibniz Lung Center
Anna Donica is project leader of a moldovian-german hospital partnership. Copyright: ©GIZ/Julian Busch

The trainings in Germany widens our view on diagnosis and therapy methods on tuberculosis.

Anna Donica, Medical Director at the National Research Center in the Republic of Moldovia
Kaulhausen with assistant lecturers in Eritrea.. Copyright: ©GIZ/Hospital Partnerships

"What a sucess: In Eritrea we aimed to train 5 physicians and more than 100 midwives - thanks to the Hospital Partnership Initiative!"

Prof. Dr. Helmut Kaulhausen, gynaecologist from Hamm
works for Physicians for Madagascar.. Copyright: ©GIZ/Physicians for Madagascar

Our friendship and trust with the colleagues in Madagascar makes our hospital partnership strong.

Dr. Julias Emmrich, Physican and member of "Doctors for Madagascar