Funding rounds are twice a year open: How do I apply?

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What do we fund?

As part of the Hospital Partnerships initiative, the Health Partnerships – Global funding programme supports the transfer of knowledge and experience between health organisations in Germany and medical institutions in low and middle income countries.

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What do we want to achieve?

Many institutions in the health sector in Germany already maintain peer-to-peer links and working relationships with health institutions in developing countries and emerging economies. We wish to support this engagement. Peer-to-peer partnerships build capacities and generate the fresh ideas needed to deliver demand-driven services to people in partner countries. The funding programme enables partners to implement these ideas in a way that sustainably improves health care for the people concerned.

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Who can apply?

We support German organisations that wish to work with health institutions in a low or middle income country on projects that will improve people’s health care on the ground. Eligible to apply in Germany are non-profit and public health organisations, i.e. hospitals, non-profit enterprises, registered associations, non-governmental organisations and federations. On the partner side, the health institution involved must be linked to the public health system.

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What kind of support do we provide?

We support your activities with up to EUR 50,000 over a maximum period of two years. If follow-on funding is approved, partnerships may receive additional years of funding. We usually publish a call for proposals twice a year. You may apply for funding for travel expenses, training costs and, to a limited extent, for materials and equipment, and administrative costs.

Our partnership projects

Ichtv 20180818 Giz Klinikpartnerschaften Marggraf Meinus Dsc01087
Health Partnerships – Global
Implementation of a perinatal center in Barentu, Eritrea
Partner Country: Eritrea
Ichtv 20180904 Giz Klinikpartnerschaften Webseite 0N1A1624
Health Partnerships – Global
Weimar Zomba Trauma Care Cooperation
Partner Country: Malawi
Specialist Valeriu Crudu with his patient in Chisinau. Copyright: ©GIZ/Julian Busch
Health Partnerships – Global
Partners for respiratory health
Partner Country: Moldova
Hübl Kaulhausen Greiner Und Fachärzte
Health Partnerships – Global
Improving neuborn and maternal outcome by training delivery room staff
Partner Country: Eritrea
Ichtv 20180815 Giz Klinikpartnerschaften Malawi 0N1A2463
Health Partnerships – Global
Establishment of an interdisciplinary casualty unit at Zomba C. hospital
Partner Country: Malawi
20190709 ichtv giz klinikpartnerschaften uz DSC 1334 vorauswahl. Copyright: ©GIZ/Thorsten Thor
Hospital Partnerships
Ultrasound screening for hip dysplasia in newborns in Uzbekistan
Partner Country: Uzbekistan
Haiti Behandlungsszene. Copyright: ©GIZ/T. Bauer
Hospital Partnerships
Improving the care concept for underprivileged population groups in rural areas in Haiti
Partner Country: Haiti
Nurses and medical staff doing a training on hygienical standards. Copyright: ©GIZ
Hospital Partnerships
Patient and occupational safety in surgery in Mbouo, Cameroon
Partner Country: Kamerun
Georgien Gruppenbild
Hospital Partnerships
German-Georgian Partnership for Optimising Outpatient Psychosocial Care
Partner Country: Georgia
Asmara Path Labor Staff 2018. Copyright: ©GIZ/H. Lobeck
Hospital Partnerships
Expansion and optimisation of tissue and cell diagnostics (histopathology and cytopathology) in Eritrea
Partner Country: Eritrea


When does the next round of funding start?

Invitations to apply to the funding programme Health Partnerships – Global are issued twice a year. Subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive information about the start of the next round of applications. Information about the current round of applications can also be found on our website.

How can I apply for funding?

Your application must be submitted via our online application portal. All the documents you need for your application are available in the application portal. Be sure to keep to the formats provided. You will find detailed instructions on how to apply here. Please note that the documents required may change from one round to the next, so please be sure to use the latest versions available from the application portal.

Who can apply for funding?

For the programme University and Hospital Partnerships in Africa, application is open to German public-sector health facilities, federal institutions and research institutes. In the case of Health Partnerships – Global, German public-sector health facilities and public-benefit organisations active in the area of health (e.g. associations) can apply.

Who can be a partner in the partner country?

Healthcare institutions serving the public in countries that count as low and middle-income countries according to OECD DAC criteria. This includes university hospitals, other hospitals, medical training institutions, health centres and non-governmental organisations that provide public health services.

The partnership project is active at several locations in the partner country. Can several sites be included in the project?

If the project partner is active at several locations within one country, several sites can be included in the project. Here it is important that the various sites are all linked to the same project. Your application should mention the inclusion of several sites and specify what activities are to be carried out at each one.

We are a health facility in a low or middle-income country. Can we apply for funding?

You can only apply for funding together with your German partner. Your German partner will be both the official applicant and the contracting partner in our programme. If you work in a health facility in a low or middle-income country as defined by the OECD DAC criteria and you wish to take part in a hospital partnership project, we can help you find a suitable German health facility. Please contact us.

My health institution/partner already receives funding for a different hospital partnership project. Can we still apply for funding for our project idea?

Yes, several projects may be funded simultaneously within one long-term partnership between two or more organisations. However, the projects must be clearly separated, i.e. their objectives and the measures to be applied must not overlap. The German partner should be sure to indicate this in the application so as to avoid duplication.

Any questions?
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