In the Health Partnerships – Global funding programme a grant agreement is concluded between the German applicant and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) GmbH.

On this page you will find the current terms of the agreement for the Hospital Partnerships initiative in German language. The links take you to the relevant annexes to the grant agreement. Should you have any queries, please get in touch with your contact person in the secretariat named on the cover sheet of your agreement.

Financial management

Financial management is the responsibility of the German partner. The project may not start until the agreement has been signed.

When the project begins, you must first submit the funding needs plan and provide confirmation that you have opened a separate sub-account. You can now make the first request for advance payment. After 4 months at the latest, a final invoice proving the use of funds must be submitted for any uncleared advance payments.
Presentation on 'Information on financial management of the agreement'

Funding needs plan

After the contract has been signed, the German partner must draw up a funding needs plan for the entire funding period in which the calls for disbursement are planned.

These should correspond to the planned activities. If major investment is planned at the beginning of the project, this may also be reflected in a call for a relatively large disbursement. The funding needs plan must be sent to GIZ by surface mail. You will find the corresponding template in Annex5c Funding needs plan.

Calling up funds

The German partner can call up the approved funds as planned in the funding needs plan. This is done by means of a Request for advance payment (Annex 5b).

This should cover the activities planned for the next two months, and be sent to GIZ by surface mail. The period between applying for and receiving an advance payment is usually between one and two weeks from the date of receipt by post. Should the advance payments deviate significantly from the funding needs plan, please get in touch with your contact person. In case of any changes to the overall budget you should also inform the secretariat.


No later than 4 months after the respective advance payment, you should submit an interim statement signed in the original.

For this purpose, please group all vouchers for each cost item separately for the period in question (administrative costs, travel expenses, training costs, material and equipment costs and miscellaneous costs). From EUR 1,000 upwards, you must submit voucher copies (e.g. scans). The German partner must keep all vouchers for at least 5 years. No costs may be billed for if they were incurred prior to the agreement’s starting date. This also applies to vouchers whose date precedes the date on which the agreement came into effect. Fill in a separate sheet for each cost item (Annex 5e-f). The totals for each cost item are then consolidated in the cost summary. Cost items (with the exception of administrative and material costs) may vary by 20%, i.e. any 'overrun' of a particular cost item can be offset by 'savings' in another, up to a limit of 20%. If you notice that the cost overruns of the individual rates exceed the 20% limit, please contact the secretariat of the clinic partnerships immediately.


Implementation of the project activities is the responsibility of the German partner, in close consultation with the partner in the partner country. Once a year the secretariat is notified of the project status through a status report. In our media centre we have put together some useful documents and tools to support you when implementing your project.

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Status reports

To make sure we are up-to-date on the status of project implementation, we expect to hear from the projects anually (see §6 of your contract).

When submitting your report, please use the prescribed template, which you will find in Annex 3 Reporting templates. Even if barely any activities have taken place so far, please explain this briefly in the status report. You can send the completed status reports to the secretariat by email.

Changes and supplements

If any changes occur in your project please notify the secretariat in good time. We will look into your enquiry and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Major changes may necessitate a supplement to the agreement, or lead to its cancellation. It is therefore absolutely essential that we approve the changes before the agreement expires.
What should I do if my financial plan changes?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please describe and explain the reasons for the planned changes in the financial plan, and attach the new one and a correspondingly revised funding needs plan. You will only need to apply for an amendment to the original financial plan if shifts within the budget lines deviate from the original planned amount by more than 20% for any given cost item. It is not possible to exceed the contractually agreed funding amount. If a smaller amount is called up than was planned, this should be mentioned in the final report under additional information.

What should I do if the length of my project changes?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please indicate the new project period and explain the reasons for this change.

Extension of the project period. The project period can only be extended in certain cases, depending on the project period already applied for. Should it prove possible to extend the project, this will entail an amendment of the agreement and is only possible before the originally agreed period has elapsed.

Shortening of the project period. A shortening of the project period as such does not have any contractual consequences. Please submit your final report and final invoice soon after completion of the activities.

What should I do if my project’s objective or the planned activities change?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please describe and explain the reasons for the planned changes, and if appropriate attach the modified project plan. Please also include the changes in your next status report Changes to the activities and objectives can entail amendments to the agreement, which means the secretariat will need to determine how best to proceed.

What should I do if the indicators for measuring the achievement of objectives change?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please describe and explain the reasons for the planned changes, and if appropriate attach a modified project proposal.

What should I do if the person authorised to represent the project in the German organisation changes?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please include the name and contact details of the person authorised to represent the project.

What should I do if the partner organisation in Germany or in the partner country changes?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. If one of the partner organisations changes, the agreement cannot be continued. The secretariat will advise you on how to proceed.

What should I do if there is a change of project manager or other important individuals in our project?

Please report this change to the hospital partnerships secretariat immediately by email. Please include the name, contact details and short profile of the new project manager or other individual involved. N.B.: Please note that the new project manager should possess similar qualifications to his or her predecessor.

Completion of the project and follow-on application

At the end of your partnership project, we look forward to receiving your final report so that we can read about the activities you implemented, the challenges you faced and the lessons you learned. If you have already developed an idea for a new project with your partner, we look forward to receiving a follow-on proposal.

Final report

The final report provides information on the extent to which the targeted project objective has been achieved, based on the results of the partnership project.

Furthermore, the report should indicate whether general conclusions of relevance to other partnerships can be drawn from this experience. The final report must be sent to the secretariat no later than two months after completion of the project, by surface mail and by email.

Final invoice

To complete the contractual terms of your partnership project, we require the final invoice no later than two months after the end of the project term.

Uncleared advance payments must be paid back to GIZ without further solicitation. If large items of equipment were procured in your project, e.g. an ultrasound scanner, these must be handed over to the partner in the partner country. The corresponding handover record (Annex 5g) must be submitted to GIZ together with the final invoice. All vouchers must be kept for at least five years in case an audit is conducted by EKFA, BMZ, GIZ or the Bundesrechnungshof (German Federal Audit Office).

Follow-on proposal

All partnerships are of a long-term nature. If new ideas for a project have already arisen in the course of your partnership project, you are welcome to apply for follow-on funding.

We recommend you submit a follow-on proposal approximately six months before the current project comes to an end. At this point in time we can already assess the implementation status of the current project, and it should be possible to manage the transition to the follow-on phase without major interruption. Follow-on funding can be provided for a maximum period of up to five years. Please ask our secretariat for advice


Is the German partner organisation (recipient) allowed to pass on funding to its partners in the partner countries?

According to the contract § 3.5. a transfer of funds is not permitted. The recipient of funds is not entitled to pass on parts of the funds granted within the framework of the grant contract as a grant to third parties (final beneficiaries).

Does the initiative include health insurance for project staff members moving to another country?

Insurance for project staff moving to other countries is the responsibility of the funding recipient and should be discussed with the German project manager responsible. A traveler's health insurance is billable, if taken into account in the financial plan.

Is there a way of interacting and networking with other project participants?

There are regular meetings with the project participants for sharing information and networking. In our calendar of events you can see when the next meeting is scheduled. All the partners invited to the events will receive information in advance by e-mail.

As a member of the global ESTHER Alliance we are happy to support you in networking with partner institutions in ways that go beyond the initiative. You will find an overview of the partnership projects of ESTHER members here. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Is it possible to obtain follow-on funding?

Yes, follow-on funding is possible after the first project term, but you will have to submit a new application for funding. The maximum funding period for a partnership is five years.

Can funding be passed on by the applicants to partner institutions?

German applicants are not allowed to pass funding on to other organisations. The German partner is the contracting partner and as such is responsible for handling the project's finances.

Can vouchers for costs be submitted at a later date?

Older vouchers can be submitted at the end of the project along with the final accounts. However, the costs must have been incurred during the term of the agreement.

What happens if an advance payment is not spent in full?

In such cases you should not return any money, but should retain it. The amount will be deducted from the next advance payment. It is only necessary to repay money if it has not been spent when the final accounts are drawn up.

What should we do if materials and equipment are required that were not included in the original plans?

Procurements are subject to the mandatory rules for placing orders. Money for purchases above a value of EUR 1,000, which are not mentioned in the project application, must be requested separately and approved by GIZ.

How far in advance must requests for money be submitted if we need to take cash into the partner country?

The period between the request and receipt of an advance payment is roughly two to three weeks. GIZ cannot assume any responsibility for cash taken into the partner country.

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