Hands that save lives

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The assisted partnership project between the organisation ‘discovering hands’ in Mülheim and the IPS Salud Íntegra in Cali, which is part of Colombia’s public health system, aims to foster early detection of breast cancer in Colombia. The idea is to make use of the highly developed sense of touch of blind and visually impaired women. Problem: In Colombia, breast cancer is fatal for most victims, because it is often detected too late and because long periods elapse between diagnosis and treatment. This makes it all the more important to detect cancer at an early stage. Main activities: Within the scope of the partnership, a ‘discovering hands’ centre is to be opened at the IPS Salud Íntegra, where blind women perform the examinations. Medical staff and administrative staff are trained to integrate the methods in the everyday work of the hospital. Visually impaired women are trained as ‘medical tactile examiners’ and employed at the discovering hands centre. Short-term results: With the help of specially trained women with impaired vision, the early detection of breast cancer in Colombia is to be enhanced. Long-term results: The partnership will examine whether or not the model can be introduced into Colombia’s health system in order to improve care for breast cancer patients in the long term. A new occupational field is to be developed for women with impaired vision.

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