Accelerated HIV and Tuberculosis case finding among adults and chil-dren in Dar es Salaam and Pwani

Health Partnerships – GlobalCommunicable diseases
The partnership between the German Leprosy and TB Relief Association and the organisation PASADA focuses on tuberculosis in Tanzania. The priorities are diagnosing TB, treating people living with HIV who are a high-risk group, and stemming multidrug-resistant organisms. Problem: Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV are a major health problem in Tanzania. Many cases of tuberculosis are not diagnosed, and the disease spreads further among the population. People living with HIV are at particular risk of becoming infected with TB. Multidrug-resistant organisms are an additional challenge in the treatment of HIV and TB. Main activities: Within the framework of the partnership, 80 decentralised TB diagnosis centres are to be established within the catchment area of Dar es Salaam. Training in diagnosis and multidrug-resistant organisms addresses medical staff and laboratory technicians. The local authorities are also to learn about the new diagnostic procedures in courses. Short-term results: Thanks to the diagnostic centres, TB is to be identified more swiftly. Infections with multidrug-resistant organisms too are to be identified and alternative treatments initiated. Long-term results: The spread of tuberculosis throughout the region is to be reduced.

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