Partnership quality control

EFFECt stands for EFFective in Embedding Change. This tool is used to evaluate and further develop hospital partnerships. It focuses in particular on evaluating good practices in implementation, on embedding change, and on the additional benefits of a partnership-based approach for individuals and institutions.


The EFFECt tool measures changes with respect to capacity development, regardless of the focus of the specific interventions. The ESTHER EFFECt tool aims in particular to identify practices that can lead to sustainable change. The tool was developed by analysing existing research findings, frameworks and models from the health and development literature. The digital version of the EFFECt tool is still being developed. To find out more please consult this document.

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Contract implementation

Implementation of the project activities is the responsibility of the German partner, in close consultation with the partner in the partner country. We support our partners throughout the entire project cycle. If any changes occur in your project, such as changes in the activities, please notify us in good time.


I have questions about drawing up the agreement. Who should I contact?
Please contact GIZ's Procurement and Contracting Division (the current contact person is named on p. 1 of the subsidy agreement).
I have questions about implementing the agreement. Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with your contact person in the University and Hospital Partnerships in Africa funding programme, who is named in the invitation after the agreement is signed.

I have questions about the financial processing. Who should I contact?

Please contact GIZ's Finance Department. The relevant contact person is named on p. 1 of your subsidy agreement.

There are some changes to the content and financing of our project. What do I have to do?

Any changes to the contract must be agreed in writing. GIZ requires a signed modification request with your official letterhead, including a rationale, the old financial plan, a financial plan showing only the changes, and the new financial plan. Please note: the total amount of the agreement remains unchanged.

I (the German partner) need organisational/business assistance in the partner country. Who should I contact?
Please contact your local partner, the local authorities and/or your administration in Germany. As the German recipient is responsible for implementation, the GIZ offices in the partner countries cannot provide support in such cases.
Does GIZ have a specimen agreement for the cooperation between the partners in a partnership?

No. Please contact your administrative department. The partners are responsible for implementation and they themselves decide whether they want to formalise the partnership in a memorandum of understanding or a written agreement. All partnerships and their subsidy agreements are different. Topics for an agreement could include the content of the partnership, the division of tasks, staff visits and exchanges, transfer of funds, financial accounting between the partners, data exchange, etc.

Are there any specific rules governing the procurement of materials and equipment?

The German partner is responsible for implementation and therefore makes the decisions regarding procurement of materials and equipment. GIZ does not decide on or approve placement of orders. Please observe the contractual agreements on the procurement of materials and equipment in accordance with public procurement law. If in doubt, please check with your administrative department.

Is there a way of interacting and networking with other project participants?

The project participants hold regular exchange and networking meetings. In our calendar of events you can see when the next meeting is scheduled.

As a member of the global ESTHER Alliance, we will be happy to support you in networking with partner institutions that are not in the initiative. You will find an overview of the partnership projects of ESTHER members here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Is it possible to obtain follow-on funding?

In general it is possible to obtain follow-on funding, but this depends on the allocation of funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Any questions?
We will be pleased to help you.